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Looking to be back at Southern nh university
this summer!

stan Spirou 

field house

The SNHU Fieldhouse is the main gym that will be utilized during camp. Here is where attendance will be taken in the morning, and closing remarks will be made in the afternoon. Games, drills, and other activities will also take place in the fieldhouse throughout the day. This is also where open gym will be after lunch. 


The alternate gymnasium in the athletic complex, better known as the "small gym," is used on a daily basis at camp and is just a short walk from the main fieldhouse. Drills, games, and other activities will take place in the small gym. 

sorry no pool 2023

The pool is at SNHU has been permantley closed!  

Outdoor Courts

SNHU has 2 full sized outdoor courts and campers will be using these 1x per day (weather permitting.)

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